January 6, 2009

More fruits from the garden

We returned from the holiday break to find that the garden was overflowing with tomatoes. I helped Mkuseli harvest some of them. Some had already gone bad, which proved to be quite delightful. The garden commands a great view of Itipini and the children running between the shacks so I threw the rotten tomatoes at the kids in a giant game of dodgeball. I don’t have very good aim. Even with a few rotten ones, we must have got five dozen good, ripening tomatoes.
Half the harvest

I had the bright idea to put them on one of our tin roofs to ripen in the sun. That provided a great perch from which to huck a few more rotten ones.
UPDATE: Thanks to all of you who've told me that tomatoes actually don't ripen best in the direct sun. I still have a thing or two to learn about gardening yet, I guess!