December 20, 2008

Garden Envy

I am having a serious problem with obeying the 10th Commandment of late. I am seriously envying the after-school garden in Itipini.

Here’s why. The beet on the left in this picture came from my garden. The one on the right came from the after-school garden.
On Thursday, I showed up with a perfectly-respectable bundle of spinach for our cooks to prepare for the pre-school children.

That happened to be the same day that Mkuseli had the children harvest pretty much everything in the garden in a pre-Christmas break push to clear the garden and give the food to the HIV patients in Itipini. He piled up prodigious quantities of beets, spinach, and lettuce.
The reality, of course, is that I can barely deal with all that I am producing in my own garden so anything bigger would be way too much. But I wouldn’t mind a little more sunshine or slightly richer soil so my plants would be a little bigger.