February 2, 2008


Somehow, what was once just an off-handed suggestion – “a library, that would be neat…” – has become a full-fledged, operating reality in Itipini. It has only become a reality thanks to a huge array of people, including

  • numerous readers of this blog who sent me nearly 300 books in the mail (not cheap!) to add to the ones I already had for a grand total of 356 on the shelves (currently…).
  • other people sent posters, which help make the walls a little friendly
  • a group of volunteers from Whitworth College in Spokane, Washington who visited for a few days and painted the inside of the container to make it a bit more welcoming
To my very great surprise, people in Itipini – particularly the children – are really into this idea of a place for books in the midst of their community. I had expected having plenty of time to ease people into the idea of checking out books (and even more time to get people used to the idea of returning books) but I am now coming up with a cataloguing and record-keeping system on the fly.

What you really want to see, I am sure, are the pictures. Before you look at these, remind yourself of the “before” shots.

Admittedly, this picture is posed… but isn’t it wonderful! (You might remember this child as the one who helped me change my flat tire.)

The Whitworth students drew a crowd.


Naoko said...

wow, what a beautiful library!