August 22, 2007

God's economy

A phrase that is often tossed around among the believing type is "God's economy." It's never been quite clear to me what exactly this is but it always seems to center on the word abundance and the idea that God will provide what we need (perhaps not what we want) if we are faithful.

I've been receiving a steady stream of examples of God's economy as I prepare to leave. A few months ago I identified several items I "needed" to be a missionary overseas - a better laptop computer and a functional digital camera to tell you what I am doing; various small items like a surge protector, power adapter, laptop lock, etc. to help me adapt electronically; new clothes as I moved from a sub-Arctic to a sub-tropical climate; an iPod (definitely not a "need") so I wouldn't have to cart scores of CDs across the Atlantic; and a handful of other items.

I was staring at this list in horror two months ago because I didn't see how I was ever going to be able to afford all these items. But then I started talking about mission and people started responding and I now have all of the items I needed and they didn't cost my bank account a penny. (As far as the laptop goes, I learned the same lesson Abraham did: "God will provide the RAM.") Not only that, I've got some extra money to see me through the days I'll be traveling and even enough money to pay the extra baggage charge for sending my guitar to South Africa. Thank you to everyone who has made this possible.

I have a number of friends who ask me what it's like not to make a lot of money and how I deal with it. And while it's true there are a couple of things I want (not need) I can't afford now (when I start earning a salary, I am going to buy the nicest and most expensive guitar ever), I am truly blessed in the extent of my possessions.

Sometimes it's helpful to remember that.


Anonymous said...

Good luck Jesse!