February 4, 2009

A visitor

I just wrapped up a 10-day visit with my aunt Judi from Chicago. It is always great to have visitors all the way out here (still time for you!) but it doesn’t leave much time for writing, blog posts or anything else. In lieu of that, then, I’m just going to post some of the pictures she was able to take of me “in action.”

We had the first English class of the new year (more on that in another post). Note how enraptured I have them!

The car gets its weekly wash. It’s a dirty, muddy road into Itipini.
Deep in conversation with Jenny about something, no doubt, of death-defying importance.
The clinic staff - Jenny, Dorothy, Lwazikazi, me.
One night, I invited some people from Itipini over for dinner. Another night, I invited my Mennonite missionary friends, Joe and Anna, over. The watermelon was particularly popular.
We took a trip to a pretty remote nature reserve on the Coast and enjoyed more waterfalls that go directly into the ocean, among much else.
It was pretty clear that Judi was on vacation.