January 17, 2009

Missing Out

One obvious point about living way far away from friends and family is that you miss out on important events. My great-uncle recently passed away and I wasn’t able to be at his funeral; same for a great-aunt of mine who passed away last year. I would have loved to be at both events but it’s not really practical given the great distance that separates me from them.

I just got wind of another impending event I am sure I am going to miss. My cousin is a helicopter pilot and just got a new job. He e-mailed the family recently about a 15-foot pontoon boat my grandmother owns:

What I had mentioned to Grams, was if there was no interest with any family members keeping the boat that I am interested in purchasing it, and teleporting it to Thunder Bay (and no one worry about how I am going to do that, I'll get er' done).
Slinging and carrying a boat over hundreds of miles of northern Ontario! How neat would that be to witness! And here I am stuck in South Africa.