December 13, 2008

Another year comes to an end

Pre-school graduation was on Friday, a typically chaotic, disorganized, joyous occasion. Now I can use those adjectives and you can think you know what they mean, but I realized during the three-plus hour ceremony (no joke) that it would be impossible to describe to an outside observer just how chaotic, disorganized, and joyous it was. It literally is beyond my capacity for words.

But the basic motivating force is this: there aren’t a lot of big parties in Itipini so when there are everyone wants a piece of the spotlight and insists on having a role. That creates chaos and, unfortunately, takes most of the spotlight off the graduates.

In lieu of more description, here are some of the pictures I took. (You can read about last year’s pre-school graduation for more description of how the event works.)

A bit long for some of the younger students.