November 26, 2008

Shrieks of Terror

I was at Jenny’s house the other day when I heard a scream from outside. I recognized the voice of Mary, African Medical Mission’s business manager. I hadn’t thought Mary was the type of person to be shocked by much so I ran out to see what was the matter. And we saw this: A GIANT LIZARD CRAWLING THROUGH THE FLOWER BED!
I thought it was pretty neat and started snapping away. Mary less so.

We opened the gate and the thing made a dash for it, or at least as much of a dash as a meter-long lizard can make across pavement.

With each passing day, Mthatha feels more and more familiar and less and less foreign. Then I see something like this and remember I’m “not in Kansas anymore.”


Linden said...

That's amazing. You should find out what kind of lizard that is!