November 2, 2008

A chance encounter

I’ve recently learned that my chance encounter with the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church on 43rd Street in Manhattan resulted in a mention in a recent editorial of hers in Episcopal Life.

I had just left the subway on my way back to the office in New York when a young man stopped me on the sidewalk. His name is Jesse Zink, and he turned out to be a YASC volunteer, soon to be on his way back to South Africa. YASC, Young Adult Service Corps, sent him to Mthatha (em-ta'-ta), where, he told me, learning to "be" rather than "do" is the hardest part. He actually lives and works at the Itipini medical clinic with HIV-infected children, particularly in the after-school programs offered there. Read more about his being (and doing) at
So if you’re here for the first time because of that article, welcome! And if silly photos from PhotoBooth aren’t to your fancy, check out this post, which summarizes what I do and links to some of the high- and low-lights of my time in Itipini and Mthatha.

Alert readers will know this is not the first time I've made my way into an editorial by the Presiding Bishop.