October 18, 2008

A New CD

Last month, many of you who saw me in action purchased a copy of the Itipini Choir CD, made about two years ago. The money from the sale of those CDs is going towards another CD and for a variety of reasons, that new CD is to be recorded in just two weeks.

Fortunately, the choir has been rehearsing for quite some time and on Friday we had a bit of a dry run so we could decide which songs to put on the CD. It was a great rehearsal.
Jenny got mobbed by quite a few children who kept wanting to see what was going on.

Some of you may recall that a while back, I lent a hand to the choir-directing business. I am trying to take a hands-off approach to this project, in part because Mkuseli has things so well under control but mostly because they sound so good already I’m doubtful I could contribute anything. But I have had a hand in the list of songs and am hoping my Bement heritage shines through on one or two numbers.

We’re headed down the coast to a town called Grahamstown to record the CD - should be a great road trip!

And as a treat for all of you, I managed to upload some video! I had to keep them short so I wouldn't be in the Internet cafe all day uploading them and they are not as good as hearing it in real life, but still pretty good.


Anonymous said...

love it but please put on more vidoes