August 29, 2008

Yup, I danced with her

I've stayed away from explicitly political topics on this blog in the past but given the news that Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is apparently John McCain's running mate, I just had to post this picture.

That's from Palin's inaugural ball in Nome, Alaska, March 31, 2007, when, after a long night of dancing with everyone else in the room I managed to convince her to dance with me. I even managed to dip her, all while her nearby staff shouted at me, "No dipping, don't you dip her!"

This should not, in any way, be construed as an endorsement of the McCain-Palin ticket. In fact, it is just the opposite and I'll have more to say about my experience with her (in her capacity as governor and not as dance partner) in a later post.

And to all of you out there just meeting her for the first time, her surname is pronounced PAY-lin, not PALL-in.


David Ross said...

I thought of you, Jesse, when I heard the McCain campaign's announcement today. I was pretty sure you had danced with her. I'd really like to read your thoughts on her, so I'll watch for that post you mentioned.

Naoko said...

bragging is's pretty cool =).

Breanne said...

You forgot to mention your attractive date. :P