August 9, 2008

Play, magic fingers, play

This week we had an old but still playable piano donated to our after-school gym/games room and it has sucked me in. Where I go, the pre-school follows and we’ve had quite the time this week singing our usual repetoirie of songs with the piano instead of my guitar. It is so much fun.Actually, there was a slightly un-fun bit when I tried to re-create my energetic and smashing endings on the guitar. I pushed back the bench and stood up, still pounding away on the keys. As I came down for the final chord, my head also came down with a sudden jerk. Unfortunately, it came into direct contact with the upright part of the piano. From the perspective of the pre-schoolers, it added to the overall experience, I’m sure, and made the ending smashing indeed. It just gave me a headache.