August 17, 2008

Others at work

Now that I have more regular access to the Internet, I've been indulging every little whimsy that comes my way when I'm surfing online and googling things that have been bugging me all year, except when I'm online and could find answers, like, just who is the Archbishop of York and why is he important?

In my searching, I came across this movie about Itipini. I can tell it has been made in my time there but I'm not sure by whom. I'd kind of like to know as it uses a number of my pictures (without my permission) in the course of the video and gets a few things wrong.

But, hey, the more of a spotlight there is on Itipini the better, I guess.

And someday soon, I'm going to post my own video clips from the last year. Stay tuned.


MaryB said...

Hmm. I didn't do it (promise!) - I wonder who did? Let me know when you find out. Enjoy the Home Front.
- Mary Brennan

Anonymous said...

Jess, I enjoyed seeing the community and hearing the kids. Thanks for posting this.