July 24, 2008


It is probably criminal that I have made it this far and not dedicated a post to Jenny McConnachie, who has been an Episcopal missionary since time immemorial, holds all the pieces of the Itipini Community Project together, and is a person for whom adjectives like loving, terrific, or kind-hearted seem hopelessly insufficient because she is so much more than that. In this picture, we’re at the finish line of that silly race we ran in February.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how each week in Itipini just seems to be the same as the one before. That’s been a bit trying for me at times until I remember that Jenny has been doing this for 15 years (or so; she’s a bit fuzzy on just how long it’s been), day in and day out dealing with the same smelly, dirty, occasionally ungracious people that have overwhelmed me in just one year. It’s remarkable, but again that’s one of those insufficient adjectives.

There’s not a lot I can put in words to describe how terrific it’s been for me to work alongside Jenny here and learn from her. You’ll just have to come meet her for yourself.