June 10, 2008

What the…?

Because my Internet time is limited, I have a pretty well-worn path I trod around the web, first to my e-mail, then to update this blog, then to a few news web sites, occasionally to check my bank account or the blogs of other missionaries, and before I know it my time is up and that’s that.

As a result, lots of important bits of information pass my radar screen entirely without notice. So when I come across something I’m not used to seeing regularly - and this is particularly true with news from the world of sports - the shock value of the news is much greater because I haven’t been following the story all along.

All of this is a way of saying I nearly fell out of my chair the other day at the Internet cafe when I happened to see the Celtics made the NBA finals. How in the world did that happen?


A Boston fan in North Bay said...

How did that happen? Two words--Garnett (as in Kevin) and Allen (as in Ray), acquired by the Celtics in the off-season.

Jesse Zink said...

Kevin Garnett is on the Celtics? When did that happen!?