June 14, 2008

“So much depends on a…”

A few weeks back, we lost water for about five days at the hospital where I live. Not only did that put a crimp in the operating room schedule, it also made me appreciate just how dependent I am on running water, as I hauled buckets back and forth from my rondavel. Of course, people in Itipini haul gallons of water every day, as do hundreds of millions of other people (women) around the world and that puts my five days in perspective.

The water in Itipini comes from one of two taps. It is city water and is clean and good - I drink it - but sometimes the water pressure fails and the line of buckets at the tap lengthens while the women stand around and wait, sometimes for quite a long time.

I took this picture a few weeks back. It reminds me of the william carlos williams’ poem that begins, “So much depends on a red wheelbarrow.” I tried to write something similar for Itipini but my muse deserted me after “So much depends on a golden water tap.”


Ross Isenegger said...

Hi Jesse,

Your dad was over last night for the Christ Church Sunday School wrapup party. It rained during dinner, but otherwise the kids were able to enjoy the beaches of Lake Nipissing.

I heard Marc Kielburger speak at a conference last month. He showed a video of some young TV stars trying to haul the usual amount of water the usual distance that village girls were doing it several times a day. Quite a struggle. I started to think about how it would change my view if I had to carry the water I was using around for a bit before being able to pour it out.