February 26, 2008

“Two hundred sixty two thousand, eight hundred minutes, how do you measure, measure…

…six months?”

Here’s how I measure six months in Itipini. On my first day there last August, a new TB patient started the 6-month anti-TB treatment course. Yesterday, he finished, cured.

How quickly time flies!


Anonymous said...

Ooh, a Rent fan! I'm impressed.

Question: How do you pronounce the word "Xhosa"? Can you write it phonetically for me? Are there clicks in it?

Just wondering.

Hang in there, buddy. You're amazing.

Mary Brennan

Jesse Zink said...

Hi Mary, and all others interested.

X is a click - the back of the throat, cantering horse click, and since there's an "h," it means its aspirated, if you want to get really complicated. I don't know how to write the x-click phonetically but for non-Xhosa speakers, the word can be pronounced as if the x were a k, "Khosa."