November 9, 2007

We are – fill in the blank – in the light of God

As I’ve noted before, one song that has been particularly useful to me in Itipini is "Siyahamba" a Xhosa/Zulu song that translates into "We are marching the light of God." The children sing it with great gusto and I’ve had fun putting in other one syllable verbs, like "we are dancing," "we are singing," "we are clapping." As my knowledge of Xhosa expands, I’ve been trying to use new two syllable Xhosa verbs like "Siyacule" (the "c" is a click!) for "we are singing." (The children still look a little dumbfounded when I sing in Xhosa. I love hearing us all click at once, or just a little bit out of time as the case may be.)

The other day I was playing my guitar outside with the children after lunch and I realized the venue opened the door to a whole lot of new verbs.

We are skipping in the light of God (my particular favourite)
We are running in the light of God It was a very hot day (the light of God was particularly bright) and it made me very tired. It was a struggle to keep singing and playing but no one seemed to notice or mind.

The situation reminded me of an Henri Matisse quotation a friend sent me: “Ever since there have been men, man has given himself over to too little joy. That alone, my brothers, is our original sin. I should believe only in a god who understood how to dance.”

Any suggestions for one syllable verbs that can be done in the light of God?


Michelle said...

Hmm. You could jump in the light of God; or, you could play, climb, crawl, dance, twirl, or cartwheel (ok, that's two syllables, and really hard to do when you're also providing music) in the light of God.

I found a whole slew of verbs, but most of them were boring. You could comprehend in the light of God, but probably mostly only on a resume.

Anonymous said...

Laughing in the light of God. Because that's what your photos made me do. Laugh. God loves laughing! -- Jane

Caminante said...

Smile, love, dream, hope...

carry on with all you're doing. It's great.

Sharon said...

Shine in the light of God.

Jody said...

I have to say, that second picture makes you look a lot like some South African kind of Pied Piper, leading the children around.

Keep singing, dancing, cheering, laughing, running, skipping, jumping, eating, drinking, joking, smiling, strolling, dreaming, etc... in the light of God.