November 4, 2007


Masicule is Xhosa for “let us sing” (don’t forget the “c” is a click!) and it is what I now say to the children before we start singing. I’m trying to get in the habit of giving me camera to someone during the day so I can get some pictures of me in action, as it were. Here’s some of last Friday’s sing session.Swinging low in "Swing Low" My rendition of "Johhny B. Good" gets a little more over-the-top each time.


KNOM said...


I suppose it's hard now to label items as "resume builders," (for how do you measure your life's work?) but here's one for sure....

SOUNDING BOARD won a GOLDIE (this weekend) at ABA for BEST PUBLIC AFFAIRS PROGRAM. (Division 2)

Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault.
Congratulations on your work. I chose the entry portion to be the audio when Tony from West Beach called as a former batterer urging others to get help and not hurt the ones the love.

Apparently when that cut was played at the award ceremony in Anchorage, the reponse around the room and Ric was tremendous.

Again, congratulations for your dedication to Nome.

Other Goldies to David's Christmas Play and Live Sports Finish for Paul with Lance Mackey.

Hope it's a sunny day,

Jody said...


That's a nice shirt you're wearing in those pictures - where'd you get it?

Keep the kids rockin', even if they don't understand the words.

By the way, which type of click is the "c" in masicule?