October 1, 2007

New Home

For a variety of reasons, I have moved to another place on the Bedford Hospital campus and am now settling into a rondeval, a traditional circular South African hut made out of mud bricks and a thatched roof. Attached is a small kitchen and bathroom. My main room is about 15 feet in diameter, which is plenty of room for a double bed, desk, couch, and “dining room” table. One of the best things about this place is the ceiling is very high, with plenty of space for me to practice my juggling and not worry about taking out a light. I love it here and am looking forward to making this my home for the next year.

From the outside...

The leopard-print bedspread came with the place. It's not mine, I swear!

Maybe your picture is on my clothesline. Books - all borrowed.

View from my bed.


Michelle said...

Well, now - that leopard-print spread really is quite stylish, you know! :) What an interesting little house that is - all compact! (I love that.)

Kate said...

jesse i love your place! how cool to be in traditional housing like that, and it looks homey and just right for you. i'm envious of your bookshelf; i just made myself one out of old cardboard boxes.... hope things continue to go well for you. xo

Caminante said...

That's really wonderful. Make it your home and settle in. Lee