October 23, 2007

Extra Storage Space

Mthatha, as I’ve noted before, has a definite reputation among other South Africans and, particularly, tourists. Generally speaking, it is looked upon as a crime-ridden city and I’ve been advised never to stop for a red light at night because I might be car-jacked. But up until last Thursday, I’d found the reality to be quite different and felt safe around the downtown area; out of place and different to be sure, but safe nonetheless.
I still feel safe but I have a better idea of where Mthatha’s reputation comes from. Last Thursday afternoon, in the middle of a very busy downtown, we returned to the volunteer car to discover some folks had decided our little car needed a bit more storage space and so had helpfully removed our stereo. There was nothing else loose in the car and the steering wheel had a lock on it so the car was fine. (I don’t know what happened to the much-vaunted security system, though). I hope someone else finds a stereo that gets poor reception, a tape player that makes a big clacking noise every time it plays a tape, and a clock that can’t keep time more useful than I did.


Leigh Preston and Andy Thompson said...

Jesse - As usual, we're enjoying the blog. The story of the girl who finally came back to the clinic is a nice reminder to all of us of what we're doing. And we too learned the hard way to be extra careful about our car - Leigh's raincoat was stolen out of it while we were maybe 100 yards away. Anyway, keep the posts coming!

Breanne said...

Haha. I miss your sarcastic comments.