August 9, 2007

It takes all kinds

I am just now wrapping up a whirlwind trip to my nominally home diocese of Western Massachusetts, where I have been taking the time in person to thank people and congregations for their support and tell them about what I'm doing. I'll have more thoughts on that later but I was reflecting on the fundraising process in general and I think donors can be divided into two broad categories.

First, there's the "better you than me" folk who think they could never work overseas but believe in mission and are more than happy to support someone in their stead.

Second, there's the "I wish I were you" folk who want to be missionaries but can't for one reason or another. There's a sub-group here of "you remind me of me" folk who were once missionaries and now want to see others succeed.

The body of Christ is wonderfully diverse and it takes all kinds to serve the Lord. I'm thankful for the support of everyone, no matter where it comes from or what the motivation.


Anonymous said...

H Belated BD, JAZ and mmtc. Enjoy your remaining time on US turf and safe travels.

Stephen said...

Hey buddy. Let me know when you get here and call my cell. 0764932178. Believe it or not cells seem to be the best way to communicate and it's not to expensive to call inside SA. SMS is really cheap as well. Hope you are doing well!