August 23, 2007


My next post will be from South Africa. Here's what I'm bringing, pushing every luggage limit to the max.


andrew.hankinson said...

Whatever happened to "take nothing but your sandals and your robe?"

Just kidding! Have a great trip Jesse. I look forward to reading about your adventures.

Kate said...

Have a wonderful, safe journey Jesse! I'll be thinking of you as you travel, and be sure to update us soon after your arrival! How exciting!

Naoko said...

i sent a copy of my latest obsession, the soundtrack of avenue q, and my first letter to you in SA a couple days ago, so be on the lookout for it.

Leigh Preston and Andy Thompson said...

Hey Jesse! We hope you have a safe trip and a great start! We look forward to hearing about everything.
Traveling mercies... Leigh and Andy

Hannah said...

Hey Jesse! Just wanted to say that I was thinking of you as you begin your adventure. I looked at the AMM website and enjoyed seeing the pix so I could imagine where you would be and who you'd be working with.
Take care!

-Hannah Coyne
p.s. I am no longer eating just baby food. :)