July 26, 2007


As my life has progressed, I've developed a greater appreciation for music, particularly the making of music. I took guitar lessons briefly in middle school but picked up the instrument again mid-way through college and have been hooked since.

Here I am playing at a recent open mike night:

And here I am with the now regrettably-defunct Talent Brothers, the band my former roommates and I formed when the occasion demanded:

So one (of the many) parts of this South African move I'm really looking forward to is the music. Our morning show DJ was talking this morning about the music of South Africa and had me to speak. I said South Africa should really be called the "country where everyone is born to sing in 4-part harmony at least, but usually 6-part, and maybe 8 if we're in a good mood."

Among the questions I want answers to are:

  • Can even people like me learn to sing in harmony?
  • Is Ladysmith Black Mambazo really the best South African music group or did they just get famous because Paul Simon decided to work with them?
One theme of many that I hope will shape my time in Mthatha.


Ishmael said...

While Paul Simon did give the group a boost in America and internationally, Ladysmith Black Mambazo was famous long before.

They may not be pop music, but they are great.

Best of luck in SA, Jesse. We'll already miss you in AK.